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  1. My pastor once told me that one perspective would be they all are praising the same god but under different names and that Christianity is just the approach that is most closer to the reality of it. These are words that have stayed with me throughout the years even if I'm crossing the line between agnostic and atheist rn. It's a perspective that if it was just a bit more widespread could bring a lot less animosity between different religions. I'm very lucky to have grown around a place with a genuinely good mentality towards what's different. Rn I'm still baffled by all these downright fanatical stories that constantly pop all around the internet so often.

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  3. Seems she’s playing you a bit. She’s overemphasizing everything wrong with her primary but bumps into him? Also, you don’t sound equipped to deal with a poly if you end felling for her (and you’re halfway through).

  4. Did you specifically tell her you’d also like her to not have sex with them? I’d assume it’s a given but ?

  5. The fact that she “won't give it up for any reason” is all you need to know. That says it all and her stance is incompatible with being married.

  6. Honestly, we need to stop calling teens “adults” just because they've hit the arbitrary age of 18. Our frontal lobes aren't fully developed until 25, 18 is just the age you're allowed to sign your life away to the government for free college.

    No one over 30 is hanging out with a teen just because they're “cool and mature” – he is grooming her, this is dangerous. I'm fully ACAB, but the department should have some kind of HR, I would reach out to them. Maybe there's a policy about romance between subordinate and supervisors, maybe not, but hopefully they'll at least see the red flags.

  7. It's so strange to me because she didn't show any of these behaviors before. It was like that night this kicked in and see went along with it. I dont believe she has ever cheated on me before that night. I did ask her sister about my ex maybe doing drugs but she said she didnt think that was a possibility. I'm so confused about this and i've played that night over in my head hundreds of times and i cant seem to find anything to make the situation make any sense to me.

  8. Its not her fault hes throwing a tantrum, unless she has done something in the past to cause doubts, she shouldn't have to deal with this.

    Not everyone is an untrustworthy floozy.


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