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  1. I was that guy. I felt bad knowing but if I said anything it would put my relationship in Jeopardy. I finally broke up with my girlfriend and shortly after spilled the beans. I feel like what he’s telling you is too specific. Your girl cheated my man, it sucks, but it’s better to know now that have to try and fight that feeling when y’all are married

  2. nobody is saying he deserves a metal. But the fact that he is doing all that is still more than a lot of other men are doing.

  3. Adding to this- in describing his positive attributes you use the word “goofy”, not humorous or funny. But goofy which can have a negative connotation

  4. “They arent asking about splitting any assets or even worrying about her wanting her half later, theyre only worried that she isnt going to help with any of the purchase and that her spending habits will become more of a problem in the future”

    she has no understanding of financial burdens, therefore is not ready to have that responsibility.

    if OP puts that responsibility on her, she will more than likely leave

    If divorce would occur, she would receive equity from the house.

    Do not marry people who are not finacially responsible. They are inexperience and do not understand the ties of burdens with finacial responsibility. OP, dont do it.

  5. There’s numerous red flags with this woman including possible alcoholism. I get you’ve been in a dating slump but you really need to move on from this one. Like yesterday.

  6. It’s not normal for him to act like you’ve described. I believe that it shouldn’t be a reason to pull the plug on the fwb agreement but it is definitely the time to sit down and have a conversation on boundaries and expectations. A slap on the wrist if you will. Let him know what his actions made you think and why it might not be what you want and need at the moment. Develop strong communication so that it becomes a pleasant experience for the both of you because if you keep sleeping with him and he gets his hopes up that you might want to move things further it’ll crush him and put you in an awkward position. Just reiterate your expectations and let him know what you want and need, set the boundary and let him know he can’t cross it and it should be fine. It might be good to let him know what you don’t find comfortable, if he acts too lovey dovey and you don’t enjoy that as a fwb, let him know speak up. Communication! That’s all.

  7. Whatsapp has nothing to do with a relationship. I only got it bc an app I use requires it for support.

  8. If you love her then yes you should continue trying. You said that you didn’t think that you did though so I’m not sure that there is a point.

    Well the point would be for the sake of your kid so that is a big thing, but not loving her will ultimately be a dealbreaker.


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