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6 thoughts on “Kimberly-cold on-line sex cams for YOU!

  1. Everyone needs help in certain areas. Some have no clue how to even use a smart phone let alone Uber Eats.

    Fair point on the health aspect though

  2. This is the core issue. To be very honest, I don't fully trust that the girl was wildly evil. I don't know that OP has the capacity to make that judgment because his insecurity is so extreme that even a mild joke can trigger him & then he broods on the incident. He also said the family already thinks he's weird too, so that is telling. I wish for the OP to get some help for himself. Once he has more mental fortitude, he will be able to easily handle small conflicts like this. I think the advice he's getting to go low or no contact is not the right advice for this scenario. He needs help, not isolation.

  3. I know that I’ve been dumb for not leaving up to this point, but the downvotes on my post aren’t helping. I came here for advice, and to get the kick in the butt I needed to leave. I appreciate all the people who have commented so far, and I’ve taken each and every comment to heart and used it as fuel to find the courage I need. Thank you.


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