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  1. Destined to die slime is taking it a bit far. You’re the only one holding you back. It’s not like no one would be interested. You have one already so there can be more.

    Look, if you can’t get past Michael, you MUST have a conversation about it with him. You’ve been pussy-fitting it too long. I’m not saying be bold and direct. Definitely go with your style, but it has to be clear communication. Write him a hand written letter, send an email, chat over coffee. Don’t talk about how great you think you’ll be together. Just get across that you really value your friendship and you can feel your feelings going deeper than that because he’s such a great guy and ask if he would like to explore that with you. You would like to go on a few no-pressure dates and if it takes off great, if not that’s fine too. It just means you have a great friendship where you can be this open.

    BUT, with caution, if you go down that road and you love him but he decides it’s not for him, you need to distance yourself from this frIendship. It’s not that you don’t be friends anymore, but you’ll be the kind that calls at Christmas once a year. Then if you don’t want to be single, be proactive and date. You can’t complain about being single if you just sit around waiting for things to fall in your lap.

  2. Dude, you are massively overthinking and suffering from a slight case of main character syndrome here.

    Allister had hundreds of photos and seems to love social media. Do you really think that a single photo with you two in it will suddenly cause this guy to hide hundreds of photos? I wouldn't assume that you have such an influence on his life.

    My first idea would be that something much bigger happened in his life – something that rattled him enough to not post and hide the tagged photos. Something that affected him emotionally a lot more and made him “go into hiding” at least somewhat.

    What I would do is ask him if he's alright, given that you have seen what he did and how strange that is for him to do. Because honestly, I would rather assume something like his own partner breaking up with him, someone stalking him, someone bullying him live or something along those lines.

    And in every relationship, communication is key. Right now, all you have are thoughts and assumptions and those things already influence how you see your friend. So just go and ask him what's happening in his life because you're worried.

  3. You have two options here really, ask her, or wait until she’s asleep and look through her phone. Stay calm.

  4. Yes. Everyone knows that if you aren't married by the time you are 25, you will have to stay single forever and die alone.


    There is no age limit for meeting a partner. And people do not stop being “quality” just because they are single. That's a gross way to view women, and probably the reason you aren't finding a relationship.


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