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4 thoughts on “Kimmcute on-line sex cams for YOU!

  1. The cheating aside which if you think that is going to magically be fixed by living closer you're only fooling yourself.

    Some people are too busy to have a relationship and they don't even know it. They want a relationship but only have. 005 hours to dedicate to that every day and it's up to you too recognize that and move on. They may never get it.

    I'd take this as a lesson in how to not rearrange your life for someone else. You need to go to the college you want to go to. Live! where is best for you. Unless you are getting married it's not worth giving that stuff up for a possible relationship. You can end up screwing yourself over.

  2. I’m not sure. I’m open to anything as long as he tells me the truth. I don’t mind being friends with him, but I’ll be asking to cut the constant talking and his flirting off.

    Btw the one who cheated on me was my ex, not the current guy I’m talking about. The cheating was never my fault, it was just his choice since I didn’t mind him keeping in touch w his ex.

    As for the current guy, I have no idea why he does that. I only asked about the ex once and that was it. Never had any other issues since I’ve got a lot of friends too.

  3. You don’t seem to like the kids either by the way you speak about them. It’s also not the dogs fault it went in the house if it wasn’t looked after properly for 4 days while you were skiing. You call yourself child free but you’re not, so do them all a favour and break up

  4. It seems to me like you both need some serious perspective. Going to Tijuana for a day is not going to put you at any serious risk. Not going to Tijuana for a day will not cost you your individuality. You are both pointlessly overdramatizing this situation.

    In the end, you are still right. He is, in fact, being too controlling over an exaggerated risk. But this is not an issue of losing who you are, and jumping straight for the big philosophical arguments like this is not helping your case.


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