Kitty-Gwen live webcams for YOU!

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ahegao [Multi Goal]

5 thoughts on “Kitty-Gwen live webcams for YOU!

  1. Doesn’t matter. It’s her dildo, not yours. She can be possessive of it if she wants to. Or she can be squicked out about her toys being in your butt.

    Or she could just be upset you’re masturbating.

  2. A younger, dumber me would totally marry this jerk. My 57 yo self would ha been through the first time he asked me to move out because he wanted a break. If not sooner.

  3. Sorry but nazis are still nazis if only by association. Your cousins a nazi, whether you like it or not.

  4. People shouldn’t be in relationships with people they are not sexually attracted to. Please break up with this woman so that you can find someone you are attracted to, and she can find someone who is attracted to her. You’re making this really complicated. There are plenty of men out there who would be attracted to your girlfriend and think she is beautiful. You’re just not one of them and that’s OK. Stop making this into some huge referendum on whether or not you’re a shallow person, and just break up.

  5. Your insistence to keep in contact with your family seems to be the only reason why your gf keeps trying to reach out to them. You are exposing her to all this abuse. Without you, she wouldn’t have to deal with your awful family members. Be decent enough to let her have what she deserves — and you know she deserves better than this.


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