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  1. Yeah i totally Understand it now afterwards. I just didn’t know better. I just thought that showing her and telling her about how much I loved her and how much I cared for her would regain her attraction. But I really understand now that I disrespected her. And told her that I was sorry for everything. And sorry for not respecting her. She accepted the apology and she said that she feels some kind of relief that I actually know what went wrong and that I understand why it all fell to an end. But she also said that what has been done has been done and that I shouldn’t blame myself for the things. But I stil blame myself for everything, and I think that I will do it for the rest of my life. I just have to learn to accept it, and let go of the hoping… any tips on that?

  2. Idk where you online but it’s so much harder to get a job nowadays. Is there no other way to get a visa?

  3. Sis, please read this and read this again. Internalize all of it.

    You do NOT want to comingle assets right now. Do not put yourself on the mortgage under any circumstances. The deed? That is between you and him but personally I'd be loathe to legally tie myself to someone financially if I am not married to them.


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