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7 thoughts on “Kokethaa live sex chats for YOU!

  1. Thank you, I have been thinking and processing this all day and decided to ask reddit for some advice. As of right now I think I'm just gonna wait it out and see what happens and just whenever I'm texting her make sure its not her mom somehow.

  2. It is not your money to give. So that is what you tell them Sounds like pimping. “You are effing a rich guy, get his money for us” Creepy and dumisgusting. You tell them straight up to mind and pay for their own business.

  3. That's what I said. But OP is worried she thinks he's a creep – she approached him, how does that make him the creep?

  4. No, you take a look at your post write it properly in a way we can understand who has done said what to whom. Use more names not just “her”

    After that you should post it again, you might get better response.


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