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  1. He's been giving you 100% of himself for 3 years to help in your recovery. He was looking for you to give him anything back and you didn't. You'll have to relearn how to stand on your own two feet now.

  2. Not to mention that admitting he was wrong was just a last ditch at getting her under his thumb again. When I was 15 I treated a girlfriend exactly like this – first few months were fine, then the excitement about having a gf turned to raging anxiety and insecurity. Became super manipulative and toxic, not to say she was perfect either but I would always take even the smallest things and create a full day fight out of them. Happened basically every day. Basically everything he did, I would have done. Going scorched earth when a breakup was on the table, you name it. Justified it to myself by believing her friends were against me, etc. Had had a lot of issues with other people in the past and it culminated into a paranoia that there was some plot to steal her from me.

    Thing is, in the back of my mind I always knew what I was doing was wrong, how it wasn’t okay to treat her like that. OP’s ex sounds exactly like that. He knows everything he did because just like myself, he knew it was wrong the entire time. At the end he did a 180 and tried to act like he recognized his wrongs, also just like I did. OP, I am glad you didn’t believe him, because he cannot possibly have changed from who he was so fast. Once I accepted how horrible I had been, it took years to come to terms and grow enough that I could trust myself to date again. I was 15 mind you, at 33 I doubt he will ever improve

  3. Would I do anything different? Yes, I would do everything different. Everything I would do, every decision I would make, would be for her betterment and ours. I hate to say it but this is a learning experience for me and I'm not learning quick enough, I lived a life of secluding myself from everyone including my family unless I'm needed, have had a small handful of friendships, never stepped foot into the dating sphere or general social life because of social anxiety. I've kept to myself most of my life and until about 3 years ago, really didn't get to experience life because I went from being a full time college student to sitting in prison for 2 years, spend the next 3 years being stuck in small town midwest retail because I can't use a computer or leave the district and my grandparents had healthcissues that had me with them until other family moved in to be able to take over, moved 2 years ago and met what I'm convinced is the love of my life. Will I change? Will I do anything different? Yes. I just need to unlearn a spoiled life spent alone.

  4. That was completely HIS fault and he is an asshole. He does that because he enjoys making you upset and frustrated, he knows exactly what he’s doing. That is bullying behaviour, not something that a loving partner would constantly be doing to you. His turning it around and making you the bad guy in the situation is even more appalling. Assholes like this don’t change, they just switch victims.

  5. If you didn’t consent to that then it is a problem. He shouldn’t be doing anything sexual with you without your consent and if you try to talk to him about it and he doesn’t understand why it’s an issue you might want to rethink

  6. You do know that clubs are for finding hookups, right? Would you be okay with your husband going to clubs and have sex with other people?


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