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  1. This is true. I agree. My religion won’t allow me to act dishonorably, I love her, but at the cost of my physical being that can harm me in long term ways… it’s scary. I don’t wanna throw away the last 5 years too

  2. My husband was a card carrying member of the Young Republicans of Ohio when we met. I'm a down the line Independent. I asked him specifically about his views and after 20+ years together, he's Independent but Fiscally Conservative and I'm Independent but Socially Liberal. Find your tribe. It'll work itself out.

  3. Lots of men care about their wedding and lots of women don’t care. I couldn’t imagine having an event to celebrate my love for someone and not caring or wanting to be involved in the planning. Even if you don’t care, your future partner being happy about it should make you care.

  4. You are correct but I can see situations where somebody may have thought they deleted all of them but just simply missed one

  5. Yes, agree without more information there is no way for any of us to know.

    This being said, if it feels off to him he needs to address it. Im guessing there are issues other than this due to the way he is reacting to this. Since he is asking, I only hope he takes care of his needs to move ahead.

  6. Better yet, go shopping with her so she can get some nice sleepwear. Unless shopping at Victoria's Secret makes you uncomfortable.

    Just encouraging her to buy new oversized sleep shirts sounds like a missed opportunity for rekindling romance.

  7. I do know women in good relationships but I think I've been in a bubble. I've never known there was much hate towards men until I found Reddit. I've also never seen so many women be awful to eachother if we disagree. I rarely read men calling each other names. No men have sent me threatening private messages. I've had women say, I hope you get what you deserve because I said having a long time lover grind against his woman's KNEE while laying on her boobs and ENJOYING cuddle time is NOT sexual assault. I said, he sounds horny. I also didn't think it was a real post because there was a rash of consent with a twist posts, including repeats with a few changes. I said, probably some guy is his parents basement getting off on rape allegations. But because she had previously said, don't dry hump me, the sex they had the night before had to disappear from his mind. Laying on her chest was allowed, wrapping their legs around eachother, allowed, even sweet she said but he was a sex offender because he pushed his groin against her KNEE while they were cuddling. I think of things in a legal sense and didn't consider it assault. I was also cussed at and insulted for saying a woman who was treating her man's child porn problem as a relationship issue, for a year, looking at the porn on his phone while snooping, finding he had taken pics of girls at a local school… I said she should be in prison with him. I don't care, no one is going to change my mind on that issue. One woman somehow took my sign in name and figured out who one of my sons is and sent HIM threatening messages. I had to change my sign in name. It's never been men doing that. I should probably get off Reddit but I'm being treated for something, not Alzheimers as one woman accused me of having and wished upon me. Reddit is a hobby I use to past time when I can't do what I really want to be doing. I know things aren't black and white. I know people write to Reddit to show their SOs the comments, if it goes their way. I also know now, a lot of women are angry at certain men and lump them all men together. I don't call people names or insult them personally. I try to think of things from both sides and this and hope people will get a long rather than tear their lives apart. I do try to be helpful snd I have a lot of private messages thanking me, from around the world.

  8. Theres no way to tell unless you ask them.

    But why does it matter? If they’re two consenting adults, it’s not your business. Leave them be.

    Seems like you’re definitely jealous. You should explore that feeling inside yourself before you do anything or think of confronting them.

  9. She seems to value experiences over items, so plan a year of romantic date nights. You can get gift cards for restaurants of varying formality, prebook some events, sign up for a cooking class together, arrange some couples spa weekends etc. it doesn’t always have to be an expensive date. Bonus points if you can find a regular childcare arrangement like grandparents or siblings who can take the kids so that it’s not a scramble every time.

  10. Has she shown any other odd behaviors, like not enjoying her hobbies anymore or maybe having trouble bonding with the baby?

    Either way, you can tell her she’s beautiful through your words and actions, you gotta be more in-depth than just “you’re not fat.” Try supporting active positive statements than just disagreeing with negative statements.

  11. She does get really jealouse as she told me but doesnt really show it. She got really jealouse about a bisexual friend of mine which is understandable. But as soon as she got to meet her everything was good. I once posted a story with a friend of mine (she is straight) on ig for fun. I figured it would be okay because she did same thing aswell in the past. but she got really jealouse. Which turned into a huge fight, she didnt want to tell me why she was angry.

    But in general she does not prevent me from seeing friends on the opposite. She likes them alot. Sometimes I feel like she gets a little bit distant when i choose to hang out with friends than with her but i figure its just because she misses me.

  12. As others have pointed out already, your bf is a dumbass. If you aren't legally married, you aren't next of kin. Medical decisions? Not in your hands, sorry. Also, in all of this, he has made you seem like a money grubbing, dastardly dog. That's just…eww. I wouldn't wanna be with someone like that.


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