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  1. You think they are unnecessary but you are asking for opinions. I dont have to sugarcoat my words to your liking. I'm a sarcastic person, deal with it or skip my comments.

    Yeah you said you are never gonna associate with him. So why ask people what they would do? If you are clear on the matter what does it matter what others would do? Again, what are you looking for? If all is clear, and your relationship is defined then this entire post seems pointless. Unless its for entertainment purposes? But it seems more sad than entertaining.

    Also, he drives you from your car (parked on the farthes point of the guest parking) to the door? How far away are these guest parking spots. Seriously ignore my other comments, do whatever you like. I need answers here… this is too fascinating. I'm trying to wrap my head around this guys apartment complex' layout.

  2. No, it's weird, he's never jealous or controlling. Something has just really struck a nerve about this situation.

  3. Thank you. I tried suggesting this in the past but it's long enough ago that I should give it another sincere try.

    “I cannot change this” wouldn't go over well. She believes in self-improvement and rejects the idea that people can't change. I suppose I half-agree? Here I am looking for advice that may lead to change, and I think that's what she is looking for.


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