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  1. I agree with this person and since so many people are saying otherwise, I just had to give a second vote for that. I spend that much on my bf too, we’ve been together 3 years but even in the beginning I spent “too much” according to these people. It doesn’t mean you’re a materialistic or a “pick me girl” or “trying to buy his love” – I’m the same, I just love giving gifts and I kind of just get on a roll and get excited when I find good gifts and once I have everything wrapped I’m like “whoops, maybe I went a bit overboard” ?

    Anyways, just to reiterate again what this person said – Because someone who doesn’t attempt to make more of an effort after you’ve expressed how you feel, doesn’t seem all that into the relationship IMO. So if he doesn’t make more of an effort this Christmas then maybe you need to reevaluate things. Not that not giving gifts in itself makes him a bad guy, but like… does he really make you feel loved and special the rest of the year? Is he putting as much into the relationship as you are? He might “treat you pretty well” but being a nice person doesn’t necessarily mean you two are compatible either.

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  3. Have you had orgasms in ways other than penetration? Does he put in the effort to help you get off in other ways?

    He's letting his ego get in the way of your sex life… which is completely counterproductive.

  4. You bet. One last thing. You've known this gentleman for two months. I'm sure he's a wonderful guy, but you might want to ask yourself what you actually know about him. Yes, you know what kind of music he listens to. Do you know anything about his family? Have you ever seen him angry or sad or frustrated? Do you know his middle name? Again, I support love but two months is a very short time. Good luck and God bless!

  5. You leave. He's 27 and didn't know that was cheating? Personally I have no idea how anyone stays with a cheater it can be done but I'm not sure how successful those relationships really are.

    He can't put the genie back in the bottle, the trust is gone and nothing will ever be the same again. You can try couples therapy if you really want to but nothing changes what he did. You are entitled to your feelings of betrayal and you should not buy into his pretense that everything is okay.

    You're 26 OP, you do not need to waste the rest of your life with a man you can't trust.


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