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7 thoughts on “KristinaAmour on-line sex chats for YOU!

  1. Wow thank you? I’m started to feel a little crazy about it? He also likes pictures of girls he had situationships with and i’ve never had an issue ? Because he’s with me right ? so why should i be freaking out

  2. trust me, it’s more hurtful to stay w him feeling this way then it is to just leave him so you both can be w someone who you click with

  3. I don't think you are out of line, but it doesn't sound like he has much ability to change things right now. Eventually, he'll have more experience and can probably request and get more time for family life.

    I recommend you find a group of women friends you can do things with. You wont' be deprived, and your fiance wont' feel stressed by your needs.

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  5. How would you feel if you were in your wife's position and she came to you and send she wanted to reconnect with friends who helped her hide her infidelity to you aswell as said afair partner?

  6. I just don’t know how to go about it now. I don’t want to wait and see if she sleeps with other dudes. I guess I jsut need to know if she would, so I can end it right now. Either we end it and you do what we want or we work on it together but I seems she doesn’t want to do that right now.

  7. In surprised she even waited for his 18th birthday given the age of consent here is 16. I assume she just wanted to feel better about herself.

    As if it's much better she cheated on her boyfriend with an 18 year old.


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