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  2. I think it depends on how you feel.

    I don’t know how the two of you got together, but was it you chasing him? He chasing you? Something mutual? I think if you look into his behavior, it’ll tell you whether he thinks he’s ready for a relationship.

    But that’s not the most important question. He might think he’s ready. He might be getting something out of this. But your decision about whether you want this or not should really be based on what you can tolerate, what you want. What you should be asking is:

    Am I ready for a relationship in which my partner is grieving the loss of an ex?

    And nobody here can tell you that.

  3. I’m not sure, I don’t feel he is, but of course I can’t exactly make that decision for him. He had been contacting me for years on-line prior to meeting me and had a clear attraction to women before our relationship due to certain posts and interactions with some female artists that I saw, however I know that isn’t a sure fire way of knowing someone’s sexuality, so I really can’t be sure of that unless I got a confession out of him. But based off of a pure outsider standpoint as his girlfriend, I highly doubt it honestly. I think it’s mainly just nerves

  4. Honestly it sounds a lot like when my ex cheated on me. She accused me of cheating or wanting to whilst she hooked up for 6 weeks with my friend behind my back. It was awful but the worst part was her accusing me so I would be trying to prove and go on the defensive. Sounds to me like you came home when you weren’t supposed to and she went into accusation mode. Just my two cents.

  5. Tell her if she confronts him about this it will just make her look really bad. It will turn out worse for her than for him. Not worth it

  6. Don’t be shocked if her plan isn’t just an affair but rather to move back home with the kids and leave YOU

  7. I actually agree with you as far as breaking up with him but everything else is extreme. Y’all weren’t together and neither of them even knew. I just have a hot rule of not dating any girl who has slept with one of my friends.

    I think you were extremely hot on your friend and should apologize she did absolutely nothing wrong. It’s shitty situation you could have handled by sayin “ unfortunately this isn’t gonna work out as I am uncomfortable with you having slept with my friend, best of luck to you!”

    Then call you friend and say no hard feelings it sucks but she did nothing wrong

  8. Even if he wasn’t lying, who talks about their ex constantly like this?

    He sounds like a complete weirdo, run!

  9. honestly I thought it might be weird to ask him but he kept tailing me along and I got confused. He would hold me while we walked one day and then walk with space between us the next. He’d say things like I wish we could be together or I’d love a hug right now then say it’s not a good idea to be together. I was tired of being confused, that’s all


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