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  1. I disagree. She is an adult, she is not in danger, and your reason to ask her to go see her family is 100% valid. Her reason to be in a hotel has nothing to do with you.

    She blocked you because she sounds awful and immature. You didn't ruin anything. The fact that you feel this way…does she always blame everything on you? Are you ok?

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  3. You won’t know if you don’t try. If you think you’ll regret not going for it, then go for it.

    Distance relationships are difficult but you met and built a physical relationship first so that makes it easier. In the end, if he’s worth it and you think you’ll eventually occupy the same zip code again, then a few years of distance is worth a lifetime together.

    You do the risk assessment, but something like this is certainly not uncommon. It’s actually how I’ve done it for 3 years, and she moves in this June. Patience is a virtue ? Good luck

  4. Honestly, this is a *you* problem, not a *him* problem.

    It's his money, it's up to him whether to try to get it back.

  5. it’s kind of sad but i don’t think you guys are compatible. sex isn’t all there is to a relationship but it is a major part of it, and if you’re not on the same page regarding sex i’m not sure it’ll work. i definitely think you should communicate with her and see how you both want to proceed.

  6. So your boyfriend is negging you and then gaslighting you? Did I get that right? F*ck him. That sounds toxic and I’m guessing not the only bad behavior from this guy. It won’t get better.

  7. Here's the thing. You can reach out and like your friends said it may not be well received. If you are willing to risk that then go ahead.

    Based on what you've said here I tend to agree with your friends that it doesn't sound promising, but maybe being crushed again is what you need to move on.

    I'd suggest sending a text to feel him out and see if he'd meet for coffee or lunch to talk. If he doesn't answer you definitely know.

  8. Im sorry. It wasn't intentional. I just fucking love her and she's perfect and i just want her to know that. Im an idiot. You're right though


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