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LadyChantalelive sex stripping with hd cam

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Model from: de

Languages: en,de,nl

Birth Date: 1988-05-27

Body Type: bodyTypeThin

Ethnicity: ethnicityMixed

Hair color: hairColorOther

Eyes color: eyeColorBlue

Subculture: subcultureNone

8 thoughts on “LadyChantalelive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Hi 28f here! I grew up in a very old school household with very masculine men and honestly my brother cried when his GF broke up with him when our dog died my dad cried on my mom’s shoulder at his sisters funeral. My fiancé cries at naruto and Star Wars and I don’t look down on him or any men who I respect. Some women may feel differently but it’s honestly heathy for people to let emotions out. If your a balling reck and don’t make your girl feel safe and loved because anything could set you off that is a different story.

    If she’s the right one she won’t look down on you for feeling sad thing

  2. Please do not do anything for this man. Like he flipped a fucking tray because you wouldn't feed him some damn beans. Is he 3 years old? It's weird.

  3. She's happy to have a close relationship with someone who would treat her so badly without a second thought?! Friend is obviously jealous of your relationship (as was).

  4. glad it worked out. Like I said, I get how you feel. back before my wife supplemented her income with a side hustle (which she now makes just as much as me), there were times she'd hand off a shift and I'd be like “wtf bro, we need the money”, but in the grand scheme of things- happy wife equals happy life.

  5. If I were Todd in this situation, I'd rather have you do a fade-out then hash over my unrequited feelings. That sounds excruciating.


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