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  1. Let's put things into perspective here. Read your post and then ask your title question. “Here's a laundry list of reasons why I'm in a miserable relationship. Should I break up with her?”

    Yes, you should.

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  3. Maybe press him on the assault thing. Ask him if he is going to press charges. Gauge his response. If he doesn’t want to, see if it seems like he doesn’t want to because it would be embarrassing as a man to admit he was assaulted, or if it seems like he doesn’t want to because he would be lying. You know your boyfriend well enough to tell the difference.

    I used to drink a lot, and would black out, and could still remember snippets of the night, in and out, so I can see that being possible. I also made a lot of stupid decisions and definitely have woken up in the middle of sex acts I didn’t consent to – the only difference being, as a woman, I didn’t leave when I snapped out of it because I thought it would be less safe to try to leave the situation than to let it happen.

    Bottom line – no matter what happened, only you know whether or not you can recover from this, and it wouldn’t be fair to either of you to try to make it work if you know you’ll never be able to see him in the same light again.

  4. You should be good enough but it looks like that isn’t the case. You both don’t seem happy so where to go from here?

    Maybe try therapy. There seems to be a considerable gap in communications and the level of trust that should be there in a marriage isn’t. Therapy could help.

    Is it a total loss? Possibly.

    Tell her you want to exhaust all avenues. Tell her you’d like to consider therapy and see if you can work this out. If she doesn’t reply and says no, sign the papers and walk away. No point trying to fix the unfixable.

  5. You stop hanging around and she’ll drop them like a very hot potato- this is all her revenge to hurt you and your friends will get a wake up call when it’s too late

  6. There is a behavioral issue that correlates with the age gap, though.

    He looks down on you, demeans you, and gaslights you by constantly sharing his “wisdom” on how you should do things because he obviously knows better than the little girl.

    And you are 100% turning a blind eye if you claim your communication is good.

    Also, your therapist is either a hack or you're not telling her things as they are.

  7. There is no way this is real, but I'll play along. She is stilepping all over boundaries and playing you for a fool. You need to break up immediately.

  8. Why do you have to be involved with this child you didn’t know about for 13 years? Seems ridiculous and like she just wants your money when they were clearly fine AND he was kept from you for that long. Don’t ruin your life over something you didn’t know about for over a decade! You’re not on the birth certificate. Contact him when he’s 18. This is a wild wild story.


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