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8 thoughts on “ladywithbigasslive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Point 1… you are not dumb.. you should never feel shame for the possibility of bring life in the world.

    Point 2 – This is your choice.. does having the baby make sense.

    Point 3 – After you've decided your choices.. the conversation with him is.

    I'm pregnant.. I've made a decision I'm going to do xyz. My expectation for you is to do xyz… then move forward.

    It's that simple. Don't make it harder than it has to be. This is you decision and your choice on next steps. If you want to abort than make a plan to do that, if you want to have the baby for adoption (he will have first rights) then make a plan to do that. If you want to keep it, then let him know your expectations of him being a father.

    No guilt, no shame, it's about your decisions, then the child's life.

  2. No. Because that's your opinion not a fact.

    They parented as they chose. Now, deal with it and move on with your life.

    You listed a lot of your own emo-problems which are not your parents' fault. I am sure they did not enjoy your problems. So you can blame yourself for your childhood issues if you need someone to blame. But blame is useless.

    Why don't you focus on healing and having a great future as well as being appreciative for anything your parents did for you.

  3. Btw im not hating on any mental health , or people with depression, but i feel like theres nothing in her life she would be depressed about, she grew up taken care of, and even now she doesmt have to worry about much, i hear younger people every day claiming to have depression or a hot life and it sucks having to hear it from her when theres nothing to be depressed about

  4. She initiated to make the relationship monogamous. Which is why it's so surprising to be asked whether I'd be interested in swinging!

  5. She already told them the truth once and they were very skeptical. It almost seemed like they thought it was some weird sex injury or something equally sketchy/embarrassing

  6. You are incredibly suffocating.. You go off at him about increases in followers too , you just admitted it..

    You do realise that liking someone's photos on social media. Isn't all about wanting to have sex with them, or do you?

    You obviously do like seeing photos of other men, because you physically stop yourself from making it know, by ner 'liking' them. Surely that's more underhand that being open about liking something.

    He's not hiding his social media from you, the person who's photo it is, isn't responding to the like in a flirtatious way.

    Your way of thinking is the problem.

  7. Generally, I would tell any young person to pursue their education/career over a romantic relationship.

    But why Floriduh? Why can’t you go to a school where you online now? Moving back in with a parent when it’s not an actual emergency seems like taking a big step backwards in life to me. Maybe you get on great with your mom but I moved out at 17 and there’s no way in hell I’d move in with either of my parents unless I was literally facing homelessness otherwise and had exhausted all other options.

    Also, being in the US, it’s not particularly attractive to try to date an adult who lives with their parents so if you wanted to date down there….hmmm. I dunno.

    I dunno. I feel like grad school is something you do on your own not with your parents but if that’s the only way you can make it happen because you can’t save up enough or work enough to support yourself then I guess make the move. I worked full time all through school in a challenging program and it’s not ideal but it’s doable and I preferred that to relying on my parents.


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