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  1. Between the comments here about ways to talk to my wife and finding a different support system, my only concern is that if I do find a different area of support, will she see that as something negative? Something like: why do I need positive affirmation from strangers? She can be a little jealous.

  2. OMG Op relax , I mean it . This isn’t cheating . Just leave him if this makes you feel better . Because this is so below an issue that your making , how the hell are you going to deal with real issues , surgeries , layoffs , financial , and addiction problems . You know what most adults living together deal with . You do know women have strippers too . And judging by your reaction I wouldn’t have told you either . When ever you take a strong stance on something , you should never expect someone to be honest with you . This goes for everything , if you had handled it better , with a more open mind he would have admitted earlier .

    Now I’ll catch a lot of crap on here for taking this approach. Let me get to the point . People are not perfect ! No one has light shining out of their butt . While OP is going off on her fiancé, she could be having an emotional affair , which to me is way worse than a stripper in a hotel room with 5 guys (4 customers + driver / body guard for stripper) . There is also so many people addicted to antidepressants, because they expect perfection, no one is perfect no one . There are always trade offs in life . The sooner you realize this the quicker you can start to being happy .

    So go ahead throw away what seems like a great guy ( by your own admission) because of this. And btw there is nothing wrong with a bunch of girls going out and doing this as well. All I would be concerned with is if your SO went into a room with her by themselves. Then you should worry . But if what he told you was true , please Op relax , not only for him but for your sake .

  3. No, it doesn't. He's bullshitting you straight to your face. Android (which a google pixel is) doesn't send notifications for apps that aren't installed and, well, Tinder sure af isn't a preinstalled piece of bloatware sotware. He's using the app and lying directly to your face about it. He's bombarded with them bc he's a suss af bastard

  4. Homie. She's right. Actually look it up. Every little thing that conspiracy theorist said about the vaccine, at least the surface stuff is coming out in the light. Heh. So maybe she dodged a bullet. There are some red flagged conspiracy theories out there but this ain't it chief. Sorry for your loss.

  5. Dump him. This relationship has no future.

    He clearly views you with contempt, and if you get married, he will throw your history of sex work in your face anytime you have a disagreement. He does not respect you.

    And in the future, wait more than eight months before getting engaged. As you are discovering now, you did not know this man at all.

  6. Oof I feel these. I dated someone who gave me the most thoughtful gifts, we’d have the best time together and laugh, he was so sweet and supportive.

    Come to find out he cheated. A lot. And wanted to continue doing so. His reasoning was I wasn’t physically affectionate enough.

    I cannot emphasize this enough: incompatibility is not a personal flaw and not a reason to cheat. She didn’t cheat because you didn’t hype her up enough. She cheated because she’s selfish, inconsiderate and does not care about your feelings or wellbeing. It has NOTHING to do with you and the sooner you internalize that message, the better.

    There is NOTHING you could have done. Thinking about that is such a waste of mental energy you could spend doing literally anything else.

    Buy some new bedding, cook/order your favorite meal, call your friends, watch your comfort show. Don’t think about her or what she’s said. She’s lying to you and her so she doesn’t feel bad.

    She’s the villain. You’re the victim. But you could also just be the hero and move the fuck on.


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