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9 thoughts on “Laladoll live sex cams for YOU!

  1. Ok I'm sorry for laughing but this is one of the funniest ones I've seen on here lol a man obsessed with bread ha can't blame him tho bread do be slapping

  2. I mean of course i have some problems in my life, but nothing regarding my relationship. I cut contact with 3 of my family members 2 months ago so thats really bothering me, but it has nothing to do with my sex drive because it dissapeared 2 years ago.

  3. I’d go further than that and have left when he asked for head.

    Who asks for head as their first sexual act? If you can’t even try to please and impress a girl during your very first encounter, wtf does that say about you?

    I’ve literally had numerous fuck buddies in the past months, with very clear communication that we are in it only for carnal pleasure, and asking for head was never once on the menu. I mean, it happens as foreplay regularly, but that’s a different story.

    How tone deaf do you have to be to tell a girl you want an actual relationship, clearly see she’s not getting sexual tonight, and then be like, just put it in your mouth though?? I’m not even confused about this on a moral level. I understand people are fucking bad. I’m just curious on an intellectual level how you can’t hide your red flags at all. lol

  4. Grab YouTube and listen to the song “a little time” by The Beautiful South” says it all that you need to know and think about in this circumstance.

    Good luck for the future and please don't hurt any teddy bears, they did nothing wrong.

  5. Cats are jumpy and are known to have 'exaggerated' reactions to things. This is because cats are less 'domesticated' than dogs, and are fit for survival more than you'd think. Outside cats THRIVE for example. In a survival situation/wild setting, a scare usually means life or death, so a reaction like the cat's is normal. In a domestic setting, a scare is a scare and simply that, which is why the cat's reaction may seem out of place. Ur bf probably understood this, considering he is a cat owner himself. The cat likely wont hold a long term grudge, and probably got over it far sooner than you did, dude. Its also necessary to state an animal's history when talking about any animal, as past abuse/experiences do shape their behaviours and how they perceive things.

  6. Lose the dude. He doesn't trust you and he keeps treating you like you're a liar. He is an asshole.

    Also beware because if all the things he's saying are true (they might not be), your sister seems to be trying to sabotage things for you. I will not speculate why but maybe just use caution with her. I don't see why she would be telling him anything about you, instead of just talking to you.

  7. I can see how they got there.

    And that both are struggeling. He from becoming a boss from working on his own.

    Her with all of a sudden another woman being in his life and not knowing how to deal with.

    Discovering there are things he chose to keep from her. She seems to have had a pretty acurate picture of his workday/ worklife.

    And now finds out it's not acurate anymore. And that he now does things like regular lunch meetings with a coworker who happens to be that other new woman she wasn't aware of. ?


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