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  1. This post makes me feel guilty. I have very long hair and it is a running joke that I could never get away with a crime or be abducted because of all the places my hair gets. It’s a little embarrassing but my sisters have always had long hair too and growing up we broke a vacuum cleaner because it got clogged with too much of our hair.

    I have friends that have found a strand of my hair at their place months after seeing them and my boyfriend finds my hair wrapped in his clothing or in bizarre places. One strange hair is not a cause for concern!

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  3. You can be honest. And then let her take it from there. You think you’re doing her any favours by not telling her? Because of how hurt she will be? That’s the foundation on which you want to continue this relationship?

    It’s human nature to be curious

    More excuses. Just admit it you fucked yo and you’re pretty sure that if she finds out there’s a high chance of her ending it if she knows you abused her right to privacy. I’m curious as fuck. I’m in the career I am because I’m inquisitive. I have yet to completely violate someone else’s privacy though coz I’m “curious”.

  4. Actually my comment about better man has nothing to do with looking at porn/women and everything to do with respecting your partner. She has asked him time and again not to and says it bothers her and yet he continues. Not a good partner for her or any women he treats that way.


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