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  2. If she is undressing for other guys I know it’s for swimming she is still actively choosing to do it. It doesn’t matter if my SO places down boundaries or not I would never strip naked in front of guys. And who’s to say she hasn’t done the deed with them.

  3. Exactly. It wouldn’t be good for the child to be around their father imo I don’t think he’s going to be able to fix himself.

  4. I think it’s pretty obvious where her head is at.

    I would also think she’s cheated, but I don’t think that’s 100%.

    If I were you, I would speak to a lawyer so you can prepare yourself for what’s coming. Getting blindsided by a divorce can really cripple your position.

  5. Long distance acquaintances is one thing. Friends is a whole other story. When I think of a friend I think of someone you can confide to about problems. It’s not appropriate to be confusing to your ex about your new relationship. Also, sexual intimacy leaves an impact on people that can be covered over but also reemerge without warning. Just my opinion.

  6. You are both horrible.

    Yes… you're pushing to help family. And had gives some good points.

    Then you demand she sell her car. Then tolerate family for weeks… Woops.months. Then go add salt to the wound… You kick her out of her room because you offered to help someone.

    She's horrible for destroying the house? Great… Sue her in court for damages done to your house.

    She's horrible and you can return the favor by contuing to be as well. Let her know she was horrible by using her and being horrible yourself.


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