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12 thoughts on “Laurenlavender on-line webcams for YOU!

  1. Been there. My first marriage (15 yrs) ended when she told me – the day after my birthday – that she wanted a separation. I moved out shortly after that, and the marriage never recovered.

    Second marriage (17 yrs) ended this year, when I moved out 3 days before my birthday. Spent my cake day unpacking boxes, and setting up my new place.

    You will get through this. It SUCKS – big time. But better that she left than continuing to stay in the marriage and repeatedly cheating on you. Now you know – and while you can't do anything about your history, you can spend time and energy taking care of yourself.

    Happy Birthday, OP – today is the first day of the rest of your life. You have an infinity of choices ahead of you, and I hope that you find yourself in a new place, where you can be safe, secure, respected and cherished.

  2. This person posts 10x per day from throwaway accounts. They never make sense. They never respond. Idk if it’s a real person or some type of bot.

  3. I know two very happily married people, and this year, their wedding anniversary fell on Thanksgiving. I texted my friend saying, “Happy anniversary and happy thanksgiving!” And she told me that she and her husband BOTH forgot their wedding anniversary was that day! It happens. Just saying.

  4. You write in a previous post a few days ago that “he was embarrassed about having herpes and rarely has flare ups. He didn’t have one when he passed it on”, to you, therefore you are not telling the truth. He knew, and hid it from you.

  5. This has been an on going problem for at least a year. If it was going to change, it would have already. He has had plenty of chances to get help for his mental health and he hasn't. You can't help someone that doesn't want to change. That doesn't mean you're obligated to stick around

  6. As an early 40’s M, I can tell you that most guys mellow out at a certain point. They’re also not going out nearly as much (or at all). Plus the more self aware of us understand that behavior that might have been seen as charming or funny when you were a younger man can come across as creepy from an older man.

    I was never a serial flirter but am friends with plenty of guys who used to be. They all stopped as they got older and had more family, work, life commitments.

    We tend to think that only children outgrow behaviors, but it happens with adults, too.

  7. You need to get rid of this person immediately before he decides he wants to on-line out his violent fantasies with you. Don’t wait around, don’t lose your nerve. You know that all of what he’s saying is absolutely fucked up. Get out while you can.

  8. These are not orange flags. These are crimson red flags. Normally abusers fake being nice for a few years, until they do something that make them secure that their partner will not leave (marriage, baby trap, move them to another country or city or isolate them somehow, make them leave or lose their job to make the partner dependent of the abuser and so on). This man is SO ABUSIVE that he can't fake being nice for even two months of relationship???? RUN AWAY. FAST. But when you break up do so in a public place like a park or a restaurant, don't tell him in private, he could become violent or dangerous.

  9. serious advice. it might be cheaper to go get a full check up plus cleaning outside of US. there are other added expenses for sure, but going to a doctor (in this case a dentist) is criminally expensive in the state. the longer he waits, it is going to be more painful to take care of it, both physically, emotionally (bc damn was it painful), and financially.

  10. When a 15 year old is more reasonable about things than adults… wow.

    Yet: since he IS your child and should be part f your family your wife should use the same diction as you do.

    Else SHE makes things akward in public unnecessarily. What's so strange about you having a son from overseas you didn't know about?

  11. So here's where you're both fucking up.

    You can't control other people. Neither of you can control or “fix” the other one.

    I don't care how many up votes either of you get, how many therapists side with either one, how many more people call you or her abusive…

    Neither of you will look at that and think “Wow, I've been outvoted. I guess I'm wrong and I will drop the issue and suffer in silence while putting on a fake smile because more people agree with my partner!”

    Stop trying to make that happen and start divorce proceedings yesterday.


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