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  1. You realize this is abusive behavior on her end right?

    She needs psychiatric help. You need to break this off and block her, she is not stable mentally.

    Normally I’m anti text breakups, but I wouldn’t risk doing this in person. Type it all out, include her physical violence in the text so it’s in writing, and tell her you no longer feel safe with her.

    If she makes any false accusations (which wouldn’t shock me based on her behavior), you’ll have proof.

  2. I don’t think she’s cheating no she’s always been someone very loyal. She dresses her most sexy with me but even when without me some of the outfits are really borderline inappropriate or just needlessly showy for the activity such as just going to the local shop. We live together and I’ve noticed the mountain of deliveries we get each week from girls clothing brands I’ve never heard of or seen her shop from with all these glam dresses etc. and when I ask her about it she just says “I’m trying something new don’t you like it” to which I say yes because I of course think she looks absolutely amazing and I don’t ever want to be a controlling boyfriend but at this point I can’t help but feel concerned.

  3. I told them about ONE of the things he did that really worried me, but kept most of it private. IDK why I would protect him. I think im ready for civil court and criminal if it gets to that. I am gonna start calling lawyers.

  4. Did you invite your daughter to Disney with the new kids? Did your daughter get trips to Disney when she was younger?

    The way to make up for your daughter missing out is to include her in your life, not to make sure your second set of kids get all the love, attention and experiences she didn’t.

  5. Take the house. That is a huge obve in a lifetime opportunity.

    If and when you are ready to buy, dad can sell it or do whatever he wants with it.

  6. You'd be an idiot to give a cheater a chance, man. You're young and without kids with her. This is a clean slate. Don't mess it up by going back to her.

  7. Agreed. I can’t metabolize tricyclic-based medications, which are the only thing that they’ve tried for my fibro.

  8. So your point in a nutshell is that for men who primarily care about their partner's appearance, 18 is a woman's prime.

    My point is that many men choose a partner based on personality as well.

    Although if you believe commercials women like men who have a bit of age / grey hair.

    The silver foxes in commercials sure, but most 40 year old men have beer bellies and bald spots. I think what matters more to women is if a man has the emotional intelligence and relationship skills.


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