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10 thoughts on “Lea Thompson live webcams for YOU!

  1. Hookups in college happen. If you want a something more, don't jump in bed right away. Get to know a person first.

  2. Honey, I know you don’t want to hear this as it sounds like you have a lot of empathy for your parents (which I commend you for!), but the way they are controlling your eating is very very dangerous for you.

    When the people who love us do not take our safety seriously, it’s time to get help. You need help.

  3. Stop feeling awful. Stop apologizing. Stop feeling guilty.

    He knew exactly what he was doing, and you gave him plenty of warning. It IS his fault.

  4. It’s normal to find others attractive, doesn’t mean he feels any less for you. It’s good you guys can talk about it!

  5. Break ups don't require two party consent.

    Get your shut squared away, possessions back, etc… then fire off a text, ideally when you know he's away from home, after you've placed his stuff in a box outside his door.

    “I'm ending this relationship, there is no point in further contact. I am not changing my mind. Good bye.”

    Then you block him on all avenues of contact.

    If he shows up at your place you either don't be there or, ask him to leave once. If he doesn't call the place and have him cited with trespassing. Of course, you don't allow him entry into your home. If he does anything stupid you hold him accountable via laws.

    You are done with him, and no longer attached in anyway, absolving you of any choices he makes or tries to project onto you.

  6. Are you smoking something over there or what? You think she actually wants to marry you? You think she is actually going to go to school in the UK? You think meeting her parents will make all the difference?

    There is a Nigerian prince on line # 2 calling for you.

  7. I don’t understand why you didn’t immediately ask her when you found it? It’s not weird for you to question why she has condoms. Just communicate ugh


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