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  1. It might be! From my own perspective , I saw some negative sides of addiction earlier on in my life so when my ex also experienced those kind of issues (nothing horrendous: withdrawal tension, volatile mood etc.) I was uncomfortable. I can’t speak for OP’s boyfriend of course – he could just be very straight laced – but sometimes past experience just teaches you your own boundaries early.

    But otherwise I do agree – people might just be really different or want to take different paths! If you’re a city fan and want to be with someone who likes living rural, it’s not necessarily going to work out. Sharing your life with someone can be nude!

  2. It doesn’t sound like you are her higher up, so as long as there are no HR implications or a way that it’d make her uncomfortable working if she did not reciprocate I’d say go for it! It sounds like you’d regret not doing so. Maybe just a very low pressure approach. But why does Nancy think it’s a bad idea?

  3. Those are YOUR decisions.

    You cannot decide on her behalf for her to take on responsibilities that are not hers.

    The lesson here is: don’t promise what you do not have. It’s incredibly entitled to think that your daughter owes her space and transport to others.

    These issues aren’t inherited and that’s what you don’t seem to realize.

  4. That doesn’t seem like a good text conversation, walls of text often leave room for your tone to be interpreted. You might want to have a simple question and let a conversation start from there?

  5. Yeah, this really should have been in the post to add context. He’s verbally abusive. Take your lovely dog and get out of there


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