LeksyWest live! webcams for YOU!

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im love “control her”

5 thoughts on “LeksyWest live! webcams for YOU!

  1. You literally should have taken the opportunity to flirt as part of your post. In other words, fuck his feelings.

  2. It’s a tough spot to be in. Of course it’s her choice ultimately (but you know this, clearly) and you want to be supportive but you’re right, this isn’t something to decide on a whim and (in my personally opinion) it rarely ends well. Nose jobs are finicky. It rarely looks natural and it’s often a gateway to “more work”. Lots of people see plastic surgery as a quick fix and that’s just simply not the case. It’s complicated, painful and rarely delivers the results we want. Just tell her that you love her, and while you support her in whatever choice she makes, make it clear that you LOVE her face as is. I’m sure with the more research she does and the more support from you that she gets, she’ll decide it’s not what she actually wants.

  3. I mean, your husband is fkn gross.

    Does he leave the shit around his arsehole to dry and turn into dust, with toilet paper being the last resort?

    If he’s blocking the toilets at home, is he doing the same at work? Does he tell them to not unclog it?

    Fabric softener can help clear it too. but, if you did that, your husband will think his method worked.

    He should have to shit outside like a Neanderthal. Goddamn animal. Every aspect of this post made me dislike him.


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