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im love “control her”

11 thoughts on “LeksyWest

  1. Your husband seems wildly unsatisfied and that he never willl be satisfied. He’s acting like he has fomo, fear of missing out, and he’s just doing everything a 20 year old would do

    So yes, I think you two are not going to make it and are doomed, mostly because he’s wildly unsatisfied and you’re both unhappy.

  2. I'm biologically male. If you listen to your partner and her concerns and use a bit of common sense it's pretty easy to find this solution.

    I've dated people in the past that have had this problem. In fact I have dated women who have never even had a proper orgasm before me. Don't understand why women put up with that crap.

  3. I personally think you're wrong about the majority of people being this way, so no, I don't think your psychiatrist is gaslighting you

  4. It's a defense reaction, because it's literally addictive. Smokers and drinkers do the exact same thing. Justify, defend, get angry, call everyone else the problem.

  5. I was actually disappointed, I kept picturing a Face in Hole type situation with her and a corn cob

  6. Don't think that every experience with a friend has to end in disaster. Husband and I talked about it before and after, agreed what we were comfortable with and had a good time with a mutual friend. We still see the friend but haven't done it with them again. It's like once the curiosity was satisfied we could put it away. Still married 10 years later with no issues.

  7. I do believe it when she says it i just heard recently that ppl with bpd mirror how the other person feels so i just hope she genuinely feels a connection too


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