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  1. You sound a bit naive. You can not excuse a person’s poor behavior just because they’re “drunk”. If the father was drunk and beat up their wife everyday, that is also unfortunately the person he is at that moment, not to mention he made the decision to constantly drink even when he’s aware he does this. A person consists of their good choices AND bad choices. And those bad choices are still part of the person they are. Same goes to this OP’s story. Just because you are drunk doesn’t make you suddenly forget you are in a relationship. Being drunk doesn’t suddenly brainwash you into cheating.

  2. I had bad roommates and learned from it. In your situation I would just break it off and find new roommates that willing to follow some rules especially bringing guests overnight. That shit should be limited like stay overnight 2 days per month or something reasonable for you to avoid future argument. Rules are there to help with any dispute

  3. Sounds toxic af. To be fair it’s not right bringing a child into the middle of this shitstorm. End it and just be there for the child. Are you getting a paternity test done if she’s cheated? You don’t have to stay with someone because of a pregnancy, particularly when the arguments are bad that police are getting called.

  4. I am going to be very harsh about this. It sounds like she lives with you and your parents. You will probably need to officially evict her. There is more than likely a legal aid society or help for landlords available in your area. Why do I feel like she will have a miraculous recovery before the 30 days is up? Also, I think her family will suddenly step up, too. You can always say to her, 'I love you but I no longer want to on-line with you.' True colors will be shown.

  5. Whoa babe. Leave. He’s told you who he is, BELIEVE HIM (or become a statistic). Open your eyes. No doubt about it you need to care for yourself. Instead of him being there for you and being supportive through a tough time, he’s making you feel bad about yourself? No way José say; good bye. I wouldn’t put up with yelling, cursing or swinging fists for two seconds. Abuse? Negativity? Violence? Gaslighting? Childishness? Life is far too short and you have so many choices. Please don’t choose this.


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