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  1. Your only option is to communicate with her your feelings, let her know it makes you uncomfortable since both of you are in a relationship, and it's a boundary you have. Best of luck.

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  3. Didn’t have to read anything. Yes stop. Move on. No friends with exs. Get over it. Billions of other people out there. Don’t bother him.

  4. You feel the way you feel for good reason. Your gut is telling you that you aren’t happy in this marriage or with this person. Don’t try to talk yourself into staying in a bad situation. You aren’t happy. You don’t trust him. He’s controlling and dismissive. It’s great that he’s nice sometimes, but so what? Even serial killers have good days. That doesn’t cancel out his bad behavior or change the way you feel about this marriage. Get out. While you’re still young. Don’t waste another precious minute of your life deliberately staying in a situation that makes you so unhappy.

  5. I'll try to bring it up. I am going crazy thinking it might be my issue that I can't reassure him all the time.


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