Lia Prada live webcams for YOU!

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5 thoughts on “Lia Prada live webcams for YOU!

  1. Sometimes you meet up with your friends 1 on 1. That is totally normal. And if you only have time in the evening, then you meet your friend in the evening. There is absolutely nothing weird about that. If OP says she is only interested in friendship, her bf should trust her or their relationship might have problems that go far deeper.

    You calling this a date is definitely just your imagination running wild. It's only a date if you make it one. And then time doesn't matter. You could have a breakfast date or a dinner date. Time or place of a meeting doesn't define your relationship

  2. Dude gave her an ultimatum-him or the baby. He put that on the table. So no it's not escalating or over the top. You're minimizing his behavior. Just because he's scared or traumatized doesn't make his behavior ok. Trauma doesn't give you a free pass to behave like an asshole.

  3. Please don’t forget that this is a HIM problem. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you or your body, you are perfect the way you are. There’s something wrong with HIM that’s stopping him from appreciating his bomb ass wife. Mid-life crisis, insecurity, erectile dysfunction, whatever it is is coming from him. If he can’t communicate about his issue then you decide what boundaries you need to feel safe and comfortable. Set them and stick to the consequences if he breaks them. Never forget that you are a beautiful badass woman and if hubby won’t appreciate you, there are plenty of people out there who will. Good luck ?

  4. The fact that just getting attention and getting just z bit pampered does it for OP shows how neglected she is.


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