Lia Prada

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Let’s have fun together [Goal Race]

4 thoughts on “Lia Prada

  1. This!

    Also, she seems like a confident person who is not afraid of something that MIGHT happen. If OP doesn't cheat, she's chill. If OP cheats and proves to be a waste of time, she's gone. Makes sense.

  2. But it's your job to talk to him and ask if he is comfortable with this. This is an extreme purchase and an extreme gift to receive. This isn't the type of thing you acquire without your SO, so it's not something you should receive without the knowledge of your SO.

  3. Kinda weird. Any chance he got theassage gift from someone else and regifted it to you with the chocolate? Maybe he has money issues?

    You know your bf best. If you think he was malicious or you already have a rocky relationship, I would reconsider if this is the one.

    If you have a real strong and good relationship and, he was good with gifts before this and this is out of character… I would sit down with him and ask him why he did that and if something is going on.

  4. I understand that some people have a biological urge I guess to pass on their genes. And maybe I'll end up wanting kids in the future.

    But if I'm going into parenthood like “this brand new person is going to have these exact traits and interests”… surely it's obvious that I'd be setting myself up for disappointment and setting my child up for failure?

    How many more coming of age movies with the “that's your dream, dad, not mine” line do we need?

    Some people shouldn't be parents.


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