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  1. You can’t. Haven’t you heard men talking about it for the last thousand years. You don’t have to like it. In fact don’t even try. You will drive yourself insane trying to make it better. Next month it won’t work the same way and you’ll be back where you started. Choose to accept it or leave it. It’s biologically caused and accepted gaslighting. True story.

  2. Get an abortion. Seriously. Im saying this as someone who was a teen mom and had absolutely nothing in common with my child's father.

  3. Well.. Idont think it's just that he feels stupid, it appears to me he is actually stupid.

    I mean… fear/shock usually sober people up pretty fast. Just thinking if my tipsy BF said something even just a little iffy that could potentially get me mad (and no, my temper isn't scary/bad), he'll completely sober up.

  4. Sounds good. Honestly though she’s so perfect that I have anxiety that I will fuck it up with her somehow.

  5. “i don’t want to break up with him because i love him.”

    you need to start seeing a therapist, if you can. and i mean immediately. i’m not here to do a mental diagnosis and i’m no sort of therapist but the abuse you endured with your parents seems like it’s had a major toll on you and is leaking into the type of people you decide to engage in relationships with. you will endure what you choose to endure because you’re used to it from your parental figures- but your significant other hitting you is NOT NORMAL and you should not stay with someone after they prove to you that they’re okay with doing so. i hope you find the strength to leave, op.

  6. Ahh we seem to have a clear case of Narcissism. (As seen with my Reddit eyes)

    OP, You deserve better. You know that. I know that. Your therapist knows that. Anyone close to you knows that.

    Sometimes relationships hit their end and that’s okay. If he is truly at that stage, your original post seems to be more of a cry for help that maybe you don’t even realize?

    GET OUT. There are men out there that will give you the world, adversely there are ones that will be worse than this. The next 5 years will pass no matter what, why not rebuild yourself and at least get a chance at happiness. You will never get your time back.

    At the end of the day, no one can love a narcissist more than themselves.

  7. You're welcome. You might have been willing to sacrifice a lot but your parents would still make it difficult, it sounds like, and unless you're willing to cut contact with them (and it doesn't sound like you are) then you would eventually have to choose between him and your family. It sucks but it's better it happened now.

  8. First, move out of the bedroom, into a spare bedroom/office/your daughter's room. Turn your living situation into roommates instead of partners. Do NOT sleep with him ever again. Second, get checked for STDs. Third, every time he starts acting like you're together, remember every time he has betrayed you, yelled at you, and belittled you. Fourth, do not go on any dates with him, and cancel the V-day plans. Fifth, get into therapy to start working on yourself, and the damage he has done to you.

    Good luck.

  9. What the actual fuck.

    Other then being an extremely disgusting thing, how does he think this is an healty thing to do?

    Like it baffles me. You said your kitchen is near one of the bathrooms. He is 52, how does he not realize that?

    And why should you and your kids discover his shit in the toilet? That's so disgusting.

    And honestly, what is his problem if you decide to clean it?

    I would suggest you share this post and the comments with him, so maybe he realizes that he's the only person on the Earth that thinks this is an ok thing to do.

  10. If Sam has explicitly disinvited you, remind your wife of this fact and do not go.

    If he did not, I’m sorry to say that you should go. I cannot imagine that you are the only one that Sam is an asshole towards, can you commiserate at the party with everyone else?

  11. Don’t even consider taking her back. The fact that she left a meeting to plan the wedding to go and cheat is the perfect example of how little she cared about your relationship. To be honest I’m surprised you haven’t gone scorched earth

  12. You probably don't need to be as severe as that. But you and your boyfriend should discuss how the situation should be handled.

  13. If yalls relationship lasts for any significant amount of time, you might become pretty close with that kid, and splitting up would impact them.

    But at the same time, you won't have any legal rights whatsoever as a parent.

    I'd be careful about that.

    What's the story with bio dad?

  14. Whatever… does it always need a name tag around the big toe?

    But it occurs to me that both aren't honest about what brings them together as if this was “wrong”.


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