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Model from: us

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Birth Date: 1992-05-21

Body Type: bodyTypeThin

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Subculture: subcultureHousewives

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  1. I was in a major car accident in May. I had surgery in June. I didn't have sex with my bf until mid July.

    I never heard a peep from him. He cared for me, drove me around, reassured me, and most of all – never once pressured me. He was more nervous than I was when I was able and in the mood again.

    I am so sorry you're experiencing this. I would personally consider this emotional abuse in the form of manipulation.

  2. I typically do not watch OVAs because they are often gratuitous fan service not present in the source material.

  3. Have you ever spoken to the girl in question? Does she know that she was the other woman in your prior relationship and that you were going to be on this trip? Honestly if I were you I would reach out and talk to her and try and clear the air before completely turning the trip down and asking your current boyfriend not to attend. If you haven’t ever discussed this with her obviously the trip will be really awkward for you if you are just trying to ignore everything and not confront the situation.

    Who knows you might have more in common with her and get along with her at the end of the day. I’m assuming based on your post that this girl and your ex aren’t still together. So let the past be the past. She didn’t hook up with your ex to intentionally hurt you even if it seems like that in your mind.

    I think you’re allowing your past trauma with your ex to let you make this girl the villain when ultimately your ex boyfriend was. Maybe she thought you and your ex were already breaking up when she was seeing him? Unless this girl has gone out of her way to attack you I think it’s worth a conversation at the very least. You all are fairly young and I definitely have sympathy for what you’re feeling right now but life is long and complicated and this won’t be the last awkward situation you’re in with someone you potentially don’t feel comfortable with. So take it as a opportunity to learn and grow as a person.

    Also look at it from this perspective: how amazing would it be for your shitty ex to see pics on social media of you and the girl he was cheating with living your best lives on a European vacation not giving a fuck about him? Pretty amazing IMO.

  4. 1). It wouldn't be weird that I found a piece of laundry, except that I was the only one in the laundromat at the time, until closing. And I understand how embarrassing it is to bring it over there accusatory. I suggested simply asking “hey found some extra underwear, is it his?” And was told she didn't want to do that. Which makes no sense because if you tell me you have regularly brought laundry home what's embarrassing about doing what you would do anyway? Or have done.

  5. Constant behavior like this is a red flag in a marriage. Every few months a girls night out is ok. Clubbing for a married woman is a red flag.

    How would she feel if you started doing the same ?

    You need to verify she isn't playing around

  6. It seems pretty obvious to me that she isn't actually interested in you (unaffectionate around you, not sexually aroused by you, doesn't seem to remember anything about you, more interested in her friends than you, etc.). You should take all of those things as a sign that this relationship is not for you.

    I recommend going for someone who is closer to your age and location. And whose native tongue you speak fluently.

  7. I am assuming this is a new relationship for your financial situations to be so private. Regardless, her “accidentally” finding out you have money should be irrelevant. Your money. Your business. You don't owe her any explanations and you don't owe her a free ride.

    If this changes the way she behaves towards you then I would take the opportunity to dodge the bullet.


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