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28 thoughts on “Lilica (, 。•́‿•̀。)ノ♡ the very hot online sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. Is this guy really someone you want in your life? Your dad sounds incredibly sweet and he's probably lonely. Your boyfriend sounds like a dickhead honestly

  2. Giving ultimatums to your wife regarding her parents can be a lifelong suffering for you, think carefully before you speak words that will haunt you. If you somehow resolve the situation where everyone is happy, you will be your wife’s lifelong hero. Happy Wife, Happy Life.

  3. You called off plans and you didn’t ask him to come over. So he probably assumed you just wanted to rest.

    Have to ask for what you want.

  4. Please don’t reconcile with your husband. He betrayed you once by cheating and another time by hiding important information from you. He is not a trustworthy man. You can live! a life with someone who appreciates you and does not go behind your back in numerous ways. I can only even imagine being so casually cruel to allow my wife to befriend my mistress. No matter what he tells you, in my experience a man like tHt does not love you or respect you. For your own sake please please leave him and stop being friends with the other two as well.

  5. I'm so sorry for your dog. You need to find somewhere safe to take him, even if that is a kennel it's better than an abusive home.

    All of these “beat her up” posts are stupid and I hope you take them with a grain of salt. Obviously you can't protect your dog if you're sitting in the county jail. She is the one that needs to be in a jail, not you, so please refrain from hurting her despite how tempting it may be.

    Also, a person that hurts an animal will sooner or later go on to hurt a human. So, if you need further convincing to stay away from her, there you go.

  6. Je nach Land in dem du lebst gibt es da eventuell vergleichbare Gesetze.

    Und dass du Schluss machst oder irgendwas in der Familie los ist und du deswegen länger in Deutschland bleiben musst ist keine Option?

  7. Just looked at your post history. My apologies. You certainly seems to know what you’re doing with personal and financial matters.

  8. Yeah I don't think folks here are saying no contact but to get some agreeable boundaries in place via his wife. It's going to help in the long run.

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  10. Did you really feel the need to ask this? Like, you weren't sure if this was ok and needed a second opinion?

  11. Why on earth did he go with her family on a trip? That isn’t appropriate at all. What did he say when you told him you didn’t want him to go, or that you were hurt that he posted about it, etc. Did you even taken to him? You may have mentioned you were u comfortable with the living arrangement but taking a trip with someone’s family is beyond.

  12. It doesn't have to ruin anything. My wife is taller than me. We started dating 25 years ago and we're in love like back then. The height difference wasn't an impediment to our love story.

  13. What's wrong with being insecure?

    Your boyfriend either accepts you as is, worts and all, or he doesn't. If he doesn't, then it's time for you to break up with him and find someone who will love you, worts and all!

  14. When I was a kid, my dad would always wander around in the morning in a t-shirt, his tighty-whities, and a house coat. My dad was never inappropriate with us. Those were essentially his pajamas.

  15. Thank you for understanding, idk why other people are flaming me for no reason as they never did some wrong in their lives.

  16. You talk to the guy and try to make him understand that you can't afford that much.

    If he doesn't understand then you don't make that work.

    When my gf and I were moving in together we split bills 50/50 except for mortgage because I earn a lot more than she does. Before we moved we talked about our finances and options and since I can cover mortgage and 50% of bills from my salary without being broke we decided that this will be the best option.

    You and your bf should have same talk to see what will work for you. He can't be like “I wanna, I wanna, I wanna” and no other opinion is relevant.

  17. can't have a pet until they can keep a plant alive either

    I don't do well with plants, but I do really well with pets.

  18. I would never have a girlfriend that still thinks about her ex, I'm not stupid.

    Well well well 😀 There's nothing you can do to “make her” stop thinking about her ex.

  19. Yeahh .. agree.. sometimes realtionship vbecime toxic no matter how much u and them like u .. time to move on.. tx for advice as needed one to know my guts r right ..much appreciated

  20. Meh. A bad joke but she was kinda in an awkward situation talking about it with someone else. Divorce shouldn't be normalized especially in your marriage, just talk to her later about how it made you feel and to leave joking about that off limits.


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