Lilii Moon H

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11 thoughts on “Lilii Moon H

  1. Hey, I’m a guy and it sounds like your boyfriends cheating on you or if you are cool with him banging other chicks then he’s at least treating you poorly in the bedroom

  2. I'm sick and tired of people ruining other people's lives. I might get down voted for saying that as people have mental health issues. But don't think it's your fault that he's doing this. Your responsible for your self and safety. He's dangerous, break up with and call the police. After that forget he even exists. Don't answer any texts , calls and change your number if you have too. Good luck.

  3. You’re not responsible for how somebody else feels – PLEASE don’t let him use guilt as a way to keep you in a relationship! That is actually manipulative behavior. In my personal experience 20 is too young to be in an exclusive king-distance relationship. I also don’t think you want him to be living with you? There is a big difference between being 20 and 25 and you’ve got a lot of life to online and experiences to have before you need to get into a serious relariksbuo especually with somebody who lives far away. I think it may get more stressful if you continue in the relationship and it will be harder to leave. I see several red flags here from what you’ve described. Again – do not let him pin his feelings on you!! They are not your responsibility!!!!

  4. Ok fair, but you are totally avoiding the main question on the topic that you brought forth to us. Why did it bother you to think that suddenly he was there with his dick close to your face? It's not like he grabbed you head and tried to shove your face there. He was just standing there. I might have said I was startled because HE was suddenly there but not because his body part was suddenly there. If you walked around a corner nude and he was sitting there and all of a sudden he was startled and recoiled cause your boob was beside his face, you wouldn't think that is strange??

  5. Bro. What are you doing. Are you planning on living life like this forever? Dump her. She doesn’t care about your physical well-being. It’s not even about the shampoo. She’s selfish and doesn’t care about you. “You or the shampoo”? Wtf? She just told you who she is….

  6. Something is fishy about this post. Who pays for the side hustle groceries? Are the nights you spend with friends days he has off? How is your actual time split between your relationship, work, and friends?

    How much money are you making doing this? Who pays for the mortgage, insurance, phones, and utilities? How much are groceries for just the two of you? How much for your side hustle?


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