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  1. My ex gf was/is just like this she was terrible and couldn’t see how gullible she was and would get very upset at anyone telling her about a warning sign she was ignoring or missed.

    I’ll be honest even as her BF I got bored of hearing about her being upset her new friend had tricked her or convinced her to do something stupid and how upset she was. Like everyone in your family told you this person was a piece of shit and you’re shocked that everyone was right! I will be honest my reaction eventually became Well yeah I am sorry X was nasty and took advantage of you but after the forth or fifth time of this sort of thing happening this is on you not learning not them taking advantage of you.

  2. I’m so sorry for the treatment you received, it’s so not fair that you were completely fooled and lied to and everyone got mad at you..

  3. I understand life choices are tough, but I would appreciate some awareness and just common courtesy for my situation. She can cry about problems. Its not a competition, but some of these problems are ones that she has created and refuses to fix. As for the traveling I definitely don't interpret them as real plans at this point. I just move on.

  4. If you’re already pregnant. Take the test. Then he can complain about having 50/50 custody when you leave him.


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