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Lily, 24 y.o.


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  1. All of these are very good and valuable points I will reflect on leading up to having this conversation with him. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment.

    I don’t feel pressured to get married or have a family. I’m very career focused and enjoy my day to day life and am accustomed to solitude in my free time. I’ve always been very comfortable alone. Long before him and I started seeing one another, when I just started working with him and we were just coworkers we would often have conversations about life and relationships and I would explain how I enjoy my time being my own and enjoy not having someone who feels neglected by how I want to spend my time — so I can have the freedom to see how far I can develop my skill and ability in my career or my hobbies without anyone breaking my focus. He would often try to tell me that if I don’t make room in my life for it I’ll miss out on the opportunity to have someone who cares for me in my life that I would want to make time for and would feel more fulfilled in life with. I agreed and told him at that point in time I’m happy and loving my life and how far I’ve come and want to continue to see what I’m capable of if I give it my all. Little did I know he would be the one to bring that wall down a year later.

  2. I'm just saying, they're doctors. He wants to engage in some better living through chemistry, that's his prerogative, but please spare me the “he was diagnosed with ADHD.”


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