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  1. Yeah, I mean I believe my comment was worthy of the positive support it got. But your comment literally agreed with mine and got downvoted and that’s completely illogical. Ah well. Take care.

  2. She's a family member that has repeatedly emphasized her dislike for her younger siblings. You can't be vocally anti-kid and then turn around and get mad when you don't get invited to the kid-centric event. She created this environment on her own.

    “She's still a family member”

    So whenever OP's youngest is graduating and they want to do something special for them, are they still obligated to invite and pay for a grown woman in her 40's? At what point do you stop paying for your kids, or do you think that parents have to just keep shelling money out for their children in perpetuity?

  3. But she was emotionally fragile


    I really hope that OP has his guard up after this. And insists on her getting a psychiatric evaluation to see what type of personality disorder he needs to educate himself on. That will be the only way for him to arm himself against her, she's go good at manipulating him that she HIT HIM and HE WAS COMFORTING HER. wtf.

  4. Sweetheart. I need you to please look up what a Golden Child and a Scapegoat is within a family.

    Let me tell you a brief story.

    In a good and loving family, when a Sister cheats on you during a family Christmas Party they kick HER the fuck out of the house and tell her that they don't want to speak to someone who would makeout with their own sister's boyfriend.

    If she became pregnant they would grudgingly start inviting her back into the family BUT they would demand that she apologize to you and find some way to make amends.

    The sister who was Betrayed would be treated with love and special care. Extra loving, extra hugs.

    When the Shitty Cheating Ex-Boyfriend Now Married to Betraying Sister starts to hit her…


    You were both: -betrayed by your sister -cheated on my your crappy ex

    Here is the next message you send to Everyone.

    “No my crappy cheating ex was never mean or violent with me. However, since my sister started fucking around with my cheating ex-boyfriend during the very first time I brought my new love home for Christmas… I think she betrayed me to be with him before he got to the point of being violent with me.

    I guess I can now thank my sister for betraying me and keeping me away from a relationship that was going to become violent.

    The fact that you are all blaming the victim of their crappy behavior for his horrible behavior is mind-boggling.

    How the hell does it go from “he is violent” to “somehow it is OP's fault” ??

    Your logic is insane. The guy cheated on his girlfriend with her sister the first time she brought him home for Christmas. That was your first clue that he was a shitty person.

    You've now made it very clear that I am the Scapegoat child and Sister is your Golden Child.

    I don't know what I did to make you think you can treat one of your daughter's like she is disposable. But I'm done with the lot of you.

    Just leave me the fuck alone.”

    Block them on everything.

    They will call and rage and scream. But you'll never have the love of shallow people like this.

    I am curious about your Dad though. You said you spoke to him daily. It sounds like your mom might be the monster here. He may not be calling you because she knows his habit and she's keeping him from doing it.

    I'm sorry, but you'll need to let him go for now too. Because people who sit idly by and let others be horrible to you are still making a choice.

    Choosing to do nothing is a choice.

    I suspect that your idiot sister and mother are trying to blame you so that they can either try to keep him around for the kids OR they are trying to keep you from saying “What the fuck did you expect from a Cheater? He cheated on my during my family Christmas party with my own sister… what 'character' did you expect.

    Frankly, after that original stunt and this stunt… your sister is a write-off. She is a mean fucking bitch and it is time that YOU stopped feeling sorry for HER.

    I would bet if you talked to a therapist you would start coming up with YEARS of stories of how she Bused you and your mother encouraged her spoilt behavior.

    I'm sorry sweety. These people are horrible.




  5. She needs to see a pelvic floor physical therapist. It could be her fear of pregnancy is making her tighten her muscles too much. Sometimes also the fear of pain causes the muscles to tighten as well. The PT will help and will usually tell you to get a pelvic wand. You use it to help get the knots out of your pelvis. She is likely embarrassed which is why she doesn’t want to talk about it but it’s very common.

  6. Do not raise that lovely child near someone who hates her. It will do unrepairable damage to her.

    Get a divorce. Get All the child support. Grieve the man you thought you married. Then get on with your life.


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