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12 thoughts on “Linda on-line sex cams for YOU!

  1. Distance is the issue. So that’s not going to work

    In a confident way I just want to put it out there and then he can reject me like every guy has lol ?.


    Friends are cool..

    Or if he ever moves back and wants to try to go out again

    And no, then cool

  2. I just wonder why the fuck she's playing these games knowing this would be horrible for both of us.

    But it won't be horrible for her because she's a heartless cunt and doesn't give a shit about you man. Be prepared for her to start bringing her ex around and fucking him in your apartment.

  3. It’s a life skill. It’s not just about the actually food, but feeling like you’re married to a man child that could feed himself of delivery wasn’t an option. It’s pretty unattractive in a partner. Not saying you have to be a great cook, but you should know how to make basic things.

  4. That's a conversation to have with your partner. It's always a partners job to take the lead on integrating or protecting the other person from their family.

    So talk to them about it, the important thing is they believe you and you both work together on deciding what you both will and won't let the MIL get away with.

  5. It sounds like she did you a favor. I find the hijab part to be troubling because you are fetishizing something cultural but outside of that porn is porn. Consuming it doesn't somehow make you a bad person. Even if she doesn't use porn she is still a sexual being that most certainly does check out other people. Don't date someone who has sexual hang ups. I'm sure she's a nice person but do you actually want to be with someone that makes you feel bad about you also being a sexual being. Let her go and move on. It is for the best.

  6. I think it’s fair to classify this as cheating. My guess, you were both young and she felt guilty for leaving you in the state you were in, unemployed and depressed and unable to even take care of yourself, so she emotionally checked out of the relationship. You finally made some positive life changes and she responded to that, but after time had set in she probably still has that picture of you from the years past in her head and so she just wants to ditch it all together and move on. Sorry man. You need to see a therapist and work through your depression if you want to have healthy relationships in the future, because no woman wants to play caretaker to their boyfriend. That doesn’t make her emotional cheating right, just human.

  7. The repetition and his not taking no forvan answer

    I dont know your location, talk to the local cops, they will let you know

  8. Food and wine is very cool. Plan accordingly – October is still warm here, the crowds can be overwhelming, check in advance for park entry reservations, and bring $$. The mouse wants his coin.

    The hotels on property are not cheap, but they are nice.

  9. It's over. He most likely considers himself single now. He might even be back with his ex. Move on as a single woman. You deserve to find someone who treats you better. When you do, the difference will be like night and day.


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