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12 thoughts on “Lisa-Tease

  1. I don’t think that’s true.

    I’ve been with my husband for 21 years and we have never broken up.

  2. I kinda have. I have OCD though and only the most recent therapy course I had actually focused on the symptoms of that.

    I am starting counselling (not CBT or anything, just talking therapy) soon so i hope that helps too.

    Did you have good parents?

    Yes, so I don't get why I'm like this. They did get divorced when I was very young, but they are both very supportive of my separately. I do have a lot of cheating in my family history which maybe is why I worry so much about cheating specifically.

    Also when I was going through school I never had any luck in relationships (first ever was when I was 20), I wasn't very attractive to anyone in school so I think maybe it comes from that.

  3. Therapy for you, won't change him. You don't have to share your food off your fork if you don't want to. It's not a sign of love. Putting some on a plate it perfectly fine.

    He knew how you feel about kissing and sharing food and thought he could make you change by wearing you down. He should have just ended things in the beginning if French kissing and eating off each other's forks are so important to him. There are plenty of women who like both.

    I will never understand people who get into a relationship with someone and then try to change them. Accept them for who they are, or find someone who you're compatible with.

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  5. The fact that she dropped this on you when you had a 1 or 2 month old infant is not getting enough attention.

    Emotions and challenges from this bombshell and postpartum could compound with each other, and you can't necessarily separate them from each other or just address or treat one once they are entwined.

  6. You don’t. I don’t know why men feel they need to tell women that “they look better w/out makeup” as if it is a compliment (it’s not). 1. Make up is a nude skill and you’ll just be telling her she did all that work for nothing. 2. This is for her not you. 3. Makeup isn’t just about looking good but it’s literally a hobby that she obviously enjoys so why should she slow down for you?

  7. “I always appreciate when people are upfront about who they are and behave as themselves around me. I don't want to pursue a relationship with you any more.”

  8. you do it wise. you would despise those who knew and did not told you.

    and from now, you are not alone. you are three to brave that shitstorm.

  9. Ok, this keeps getting worse and worse.

    Why are you going out to eat if you’re short on cash? Why does he have access to your cash stash? Why are you embarrassed to talk to him?

    Assuming that he would start paying was naive. Not setting any kind of expectation was plain stupid. Looks like your beau might be taking advantage of your naivety. And you are taking advantage of your parents kindness.

  10. I think it's fair to be turned off by someone who a.) isn't as responsive as you which makes them seem b.) less interested than you. She probably also realizes how demanding her job is and might be assuming you don't have a problem with the spottiness of conversation because you haven't come right out and said anything.

    I think instead of waiting to hear from her, you should just put yourself out there and tackle it head on.

    “Hey, I want make sure I'm not misreading this. I like you and see this going somewhere, and I assumed you felt the same because you told me you weren't seeing anyone else. But it throws me for a loop when I don't hear from you for days at a time, and it makes me doubt that we're actually on the same page. I know your job's demanding and I respect that, but like I said, not hearing from you is giving me some pause. Any thoughts on that?”


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