LisaHoffman on-line sex chats for YOU!

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8 thoughts on “LisaHoffman on-line sex chats for YOU!

  1. ????

    Had a girlfriend like this. It's something she should be working through with therapy, but not something you should be suffering through. Walk away.

  2. First step: Tell him to fuck off. Second step: leave. Third step: don't respond to his pitiful attempts to get you back. Fourth step: Online an awesome life without this guy.

  3. Thats the Beauty of life mate, constant evolution, constant change, leaving people behind to Open space For wonderful people to come into our lifes, never get so attached to someone that You can't let go, i know it sounds romantic, but is toxic and harmful, the older i get the more i understand it, i know it's naked at first but it Will bring You peace eventually, and it Will help You leaving Bad people behind.

  4. If shes already lying I don't think she would stop.

    Its also not that naked to get out of a car or call the cops while another person is driving.

    It all sounds extremely fishy.

    If anything i would ask said rapists partner if they have any problems with them. Like ask where they were on said day and x y z. Cause that perosn may have a history of cheating and she just used him and then is rape blaming. If their partner is clueless i would make cluing them in a demand for further trust. I could never imagine letting a rapist get away with it especially if they have some one they could be abusing at home and needs help.

  5. Let her finish the get the hell out as quick as you can.

    Wether you realize or not, blinded by love effect, she considers what hers is hers and what’s your is also hers.

    You dodged a 50 cal my friend.

  6. Given how quickly it happened he likely broke up with you for her and it didn’t work out.

    You get to have your own rules for what you accept in your life. I don’t take people back. There’s always a reason you broke up. Sometimes you don’t know what it is but it’s there.

    We teach people how to treat us by the behavior we accept from them. If you take him back you will be telling him that there’s nothing he can do that you won’t forgive.


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