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9 thoughts on “Lisarubie on-line webcams for YOU!

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  2. You don’t want someone whose dream it is to get married in a very fancy way.

    You want so one whose dream it is to get married to you.

    Life will have ups and downs. You need a person who wants to experience the ups and downs with you.

  3. It's the oldest excuse.

    Still married, so unhappy, can't leave but wants to be with you.

    An actual good man would end his marriage, move out, start divorce proceedings before even starting to talk to another woman or having an emotional affair.

    Would you enjoy it if your where the wife here and someone else was in your place?

    Would you feel he was such a good man if he was off talking to another woman about their future together?

    Being alone has got to be better than being a backup plan, other woman or being with a known cheater.

  4. Girl come on, we both know that you know that maybe you might blow things out of proportion a little bit

    Why do you feel like you need to be given a heads up about a grown man’s romantic affairs?

    I understand you might have some type of trauma bond going on here, but what he is doing is perfectly healthy.

    I think you should consider some grief therapy or counseling

  5. Are you dating Sheldon Cooper, because with all these tests/experiments it sure do sounds like it!

    In all seriousness, I'm wondering if he is on the spectrum or just a mind game playing ass? While I understand the need to want somebody to be clear about what you want, it's still doesn't give a reason why you cannot be intuitive to your partner's needs and meet that need. You shouldn't have to keep asking for affection in times of need. What he is doing isn't right!

  6. “I promise that any pictures or videos of you are private! Unless maybe it might help me get a better bj, or really help me at all to show them to strangers.”

  7. This sweet thoughtful guy you married is a gambler, thief, cheat and predator. How bad does his behavior have to be for you to open your eyes? What surprise is he going to spring on you next? You deserve better. Your children deserve better.


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