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  1. Make a list of the things you’re missing. Send her a message:

    Hey, I’m still missing [items]. I’m going to come by on [day] at [time] to pick them up. Does that work for you?

  2. Honey graduate high school. Then try for another higher grade You will need the education for getting a good job

    Your boyfriend is telling you he will cheat on you or break it off What if you get there and he dumps you Or is abusive..or you get pregnant.

    Bamn your in the poverty trap. Stay in school build a life then worry about a relationship .

    So many young girls end up with a bunch of kids. Welfare and abusive men….

  3. Op explained in another comment that he met her at a party that you must be 21 to enter. She had a fake ID and claimed to be 22. The next time he talked to her she said she was pregnant and admitted to being 18

  4. Honey, for the love of your child and all that is holy, PLEASE learn about patterns of domestic abuse. You're very much on the path of isolation and financial dependence that keeps women trapped with horrible people. Your description of the situation is straight up textbook to the point that it's chilling. I cannot emphasize enough that even though you don't feel like you're in danger now, you are very much in danger. They are many types of abuse, including financial and emotional.

    Symptoms include the change in behavior, the baby trapping, encouraging you to not leave home, encouraging you not to have a job, verbally erasing you from your baby's life when it's still part of your body, the age gap… I beg you to look up these things, because you're already on the slippery slide to your own personal hell.

  5. I mean, she's making it impossible to reconcile. It has to be a two-way street but her side of the street is a massive fucking sinkhole.

  6. Look, you can try “getting to know him” if you want, but just keep in mind that getting close to him won't magically change his lifestyle or guarantee you'll be the special one that makes him drop all the other girls he's seeing. Just keeping it real with you.

  7. He's a liar. Getting nudes for his friends my ass. Give me a fucking break. He's full of shit.

    You don't have to prove it's cheating or get his agreement that it's cheating. It doesn't matter.

    He's hitting on other women, requesting nudes, lying about being single, and LYING to you. He's been doing this from the start. Your bf is not worth your time. I'm sorry.


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