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11 thoughts on “LittleFeralberrylive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Sorry life sucker-punched you, OP, but this is a very clear-cut case of let it go. You can't couple-counsel a person into being straight. As a matter of fact, it's ilegal in some places.

    The only thing you can finesse/negotiate is your co-parenting relationship. Give yourself time to grieve over the end of your marriage, but don't run away from it.

  2. Why would forcing you to do something you don’t want to save your marriage?

    Tell him he needs a boob reduction to save the marriage.

    Just as ridiculous.

  3. Smoking weed doesn't mean you aren't smart. I don't smoke. Some people who smoke become sacks of shit…just like some people who drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes. Some people are just lazy. Weed doesn't make you dumb.

  4. This. OP, if it is that painful, you need to find out why. There are a lot of things that could cause this, and also a lot of treatments that could help and ease your pain. Please don’t hesitate or feel embarrassed about it. It could be something easily fixed, or it could be indicative of something much more serious. The only way to know is to see a doctor.

  5. Naw. He knows why you lied. Anger is an unhealthy and insecure emotion in this scenario. He's gross. You need to stop with the toxic person.

  6. Do you have to wait? He already lied to you. You already don’t trust him.

    This isn’t a court of law: you don’t need to wait until the “crime” has been committed to make a judgment.

  7. Just don't…

    You could find someone else who doesn't want kids and live happily ever after.

    Or you could agree to a child and be miserable your whole life, kids also cost a lot of money and so on.

  8. I know, right! It sounds so alien on my tongue saying it as well; I was always the independent type—growing up the eldest in a family that demanded the very best in you makes you feel like nothing you’re doing could be short of pure and pristine.

    Yet here I am, on the verge of ruining everything I had worked so very hot for, for this moment in my life, over someone I know who doesn’t deserve all that I’ve put up with.

    I’ve always wanted an older sister! Thank you xx

  9. More encounters = greater probability for relationship trauma, and desensitization to new experiences.

    Then of course there is increased risk of STDs, and abortion (which can cause psychological trauma).

    You are completely rational to favor fewer partners for a mate. The sexual marketplace has similar characteristics to other markets.


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