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6 thoughts on “Liya & Luke the hard live sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. Hey kid, you’re doing the right thing. Don’t let the downvotes get to you.

    Surprise surprise, 19 year olds don’t have everything figured out and are immature, and that’s causing you difficulty. But you have the advantage of being aware and having the tools and willingness to do the work.

    You did the right thing by apologizing and working through your jealousy. You’ll have to do it again in the future, probably soon. But it will be easier next time, and even easier the time after that, and with practice you’ll be so good at it that you’re able to catch and work through the jealousy before you act on it….. and then you will realize that you’ve outgrown the insecurity.

    All of this will of course take time, repetition, self-awareness, sincerity, and trust. You’ll have setbacks and breakthroughs, some of which will feel overwhelming. But you got it.

    Welcome to adulthood and emotional growth. You’ve got a good start.

  2. That's quite the situation. Considering they paid for it, it's very hot to justify not inviting them. Then there's grandpa. Perhaps you have a friend to be your emotional back up? It's not like you need to invite them back to your home or they will be staying with you, right? This is not you inviting them back into your life. Perhaps as long as it's around public, it won't be too bad, especially if you got a friend in tow and grandpa who you do want to see.

    But you know them better. If you really can't, don't force yourself. Do what is best for you and only as much as you can manage.

  3. It’s hot. Really, truly is. But just do it. Pull the bandaid and just be done. You’ll feel so free.

  4. Not sure why you used the word “perfect” here. Doesn’t seem to apply to your situation unfortunately. Perhaps you both are sexually incompatible. If you want too and he doesn’t for a very long time then you shouldn’t feel like you have to wait. Especially since you are only young once.

  5. Unblock everyone and correct everyone's assumptions if it's important to you. She was out wth friends and they were there. They knew you were home while she was partying. Call them out. But I'd talk to my closest friends, let them know what's going on, and confront my family with the truth. She doesn't deserve to get to be the victim.

  6. Was that the lady who deleted the videos but wasn't going to do anything else? So upsetting and disgusting.


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