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  1. Dump the dude. No one calls someone they’ve been dating for a year a “friend”. He needs to get his priorities straight. No you are not overreacting for dumping him because 1) it sounds like he’s trying to remain open for this girl that called you ugly 2) he said its about your personality and not your looks?? Excuse me, I wouldn’t care if a partner looks like the hunchback of Notre Dame, I would still consider them to be a gorgeous human being no matter what and make sure they knew that. Your boyfriend has so many major red flags and I feel like its only going to get worse, especially since he didn’t even try to defend you? Just basically agreed with the rude ass girl.

  2. I guess I get it but I don’t think most people actually SEE it. Like it might be something everyone knows people do but you don’t actually see the evidence of it and I think that’s what’s tripping me. Like if I never knew I couldn’t think about it. Now I know

  3. If you think a majority of guys who are “bffs” or “friends” with a women wouldn't hook up given the opportunity you're naive. It's a sad reality but it is the case. It is not a me issue because I don't befriend women I'm not in a relationship with. It's inappropriate. It's very easy to keep professional relationships professional, or be friendly and neighborly without becoming “bffs” or an orbiter talking all the time.

  4. I’m not sure if she’s using her mental health as an excuse to break your trust. I think you’re using her mental health as possible excuse.

    Either way, you know it’s not an excuse. She is in fact an asshole. Do yourself a favor and run. Good luck.

  5. Frankly, give her the divorce, and when you heal from your back surgery, then work on yourself, mind, body, soul, profession and education. Take some self-defense classes. Make her eat her words.

    She doesn't respect you, or your attempts to diffuse the situation, which, BTW, takes more strength than to just jump out and start wailing on someone.

  6. He said he'd change. He didn't. He doesn't want to. He likes whay he is doing. Ask yourself if you're willing to be with a guy who behaves this way and won't stop.


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