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8 thoughts on “Lori Bauer on-line sex cams for YOU!

  1. All I know is he showed me as soon as she sent them and he has no problem with me ever seeing his phone or laptop. He’s always very open and she’s had a crush on him for years which he has never reciprocated.

  2. The problem that OP glossed over is the fact that Best Friend didn't actually communicate to Boyfriend that OP was terrified of being pregnant and desperately hoping to not be.

  3. That's fine. I don't think it's crazy to say that men would be turned off by that either even if I personally disagree with their line of logic.

    If they have a conversation and she says she actually is open to an open relationship and if OP thinks that even the fact that's she's open minded is a nude no, that's his choice ultimately and I don't see an issue regardless of what they decide to do. They can both break up and find people they are more aligned with.

    The main thing I disagree with is automatically assuming from one offhand comment while watching a fictional t.v show is how she feels and no discussion needs to be had with her. She may not have meant it how OP is assuming she meant it, because at this point it is an assumption unless OP is a mind reader or already had the conversation with her.

    It was one comment, that she answered when he asked her and there may not have been any real thought behind it. A discussion needs to be had to even determine this. Regardless of my feelings or thoughts on anything else, this is my main driving point in every comment.

    Have the discussion, don't just assume.

  4. Are you crazy? Don’t give it to him. Comment on such posts saying that’s even sad to see immature men using family rings from his GF to propose. And call the cops!

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  6. but you aren't the brand ambassador for sexual assault victims.

    Didn't think I was.

    Not everyone is comfortable or wants to talk about it.

    I am aware.

    And “immediately” seems pretty fast IMHO. Like history of SA is not a first date topic.

    The way I read the question, was if you had a partner & then it happened. In that instance, I have from talking prior to first meet to after entering into relationship, depending on conversation that comes up.


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