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10 thoughts on “Lover Team live! webcams for YOU!

  1. There’s literally no details that would give anyone enough reason to give real advice. How old are you and the ex? How long were they together? Were kids involved? How long have you two been together? Do you ever even take pictures together?

  2. Yes it’s just her. Again I understand it’s his house, but he shouldn’t give a 8 year the illusion it’s her room and then I have to console her while she’s upset and on the verge of crying because she’s a really sweet, sensitive kid.

  3. I think it's petty disturbing that he knew about your trauma, but brought up his kink anyway. HE should have known that this was going to make you uncomfortable, what was he thinking?!

  4. That’s a good idea. I’d probably feel really bad /judged though for leaving early. I feel like he’d try to convince me to stay. It’s an idea though and I’ll consider it.

  5. What did you do wrong? You didn’t plan. Even if she is not pulling her share of the weight, you have children to feed, she clearly isn’t going to step up, so next time you arbitrarily quit your job, have a better one lined up.

  6. OP,

    Look at your life RIGHT NOW. Look at how your being treated, look at what you do vs. what he does. Your planning one of the biggest things in your life without help. THIS IS WHAT YOUR FUTURE LOOKS LIKE.

    You need physical and emotional bonding and your getting nothing. Think really very hot if this is the life you want to live!.

  7. That's your opinion that you're entitled to that I completely disagree with. She knows what she can and can not give to a relationship and I think not ending it or at the very least having a conversation when you know you can't prioritize the other person is dicking them around.


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