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  1. While I know I go against the norm, in this case you have to essentially break her. What I mean is, you need to take the stern stance when she tries to put the guard up by saying, “you're making me feel bad.”

    She can't tell you not to talk about your weight loss nor get into an argument when you are trying to help her. Her insecurities have her not liking her body but yet she is not doing anything about it. At some point, the soft and delicate approach fails and then comes in the, “either do something about it or stop” method. As I said, I already know the ones that are going to say I must be a joy to date, but I do admit I don't sugar coat or kiss anyone's ass when it comes to pity. As adults, if we have a problem we fix it. If she wants to indulge without any exercise or follow even a moderate diet but complain and whine she is overweight then maybe she does need it put on the spot so she understands she needs to do something about it.

  2. In some cultures they help make food for the bereaved family because that's just something that the family shouldn't have to deal with.

    So in my opinion making food to help them out is perfectly good and reasonable thing you're doing .

    If it happens that they say thank you the food was so good , then I don't see anything wrong with that

  3. He is destroying your self esteem. He knows that he doesn't deserve to be loved so he's putting you down constantly, making you feel unworthy, making you feel crazy.. because he needs to destroy you in order to be in control. So that you can't leave him. If you try to leave he gets mad, make you feel like you are nothing. Then if you really leave him, he will become the best person in the world, he becomes so nice and sweet like a little child and you just don't have the heart to leave but also your brain can't understand what is happening. Are you worthless or are you the best thing that ever happened to him.. Are you most amazing girl ever or are you inexperienced or not compatible with the idiot..

    Don't let him tell you who you are! Him telling you that you are inexperienced, this or that is making you feel that you are really inexperienced so you'll not leave him. Subconsciously you feel nobody will want to be with you, you don't have experience, you are insecure if you'll find someone else with your lack of experience but he's the one that accepts you as you are, being inexperienced. He'll not leave you, he's just putting you down so ignore when idiot tells you how you feel or who you are! It's just his bullshit so don't question yourself!

    Of course you have a need to express yourself because his accusations are crazy, not real, totally stupid and wrong. It's so easy for you to explain to the idiot that he's wrong!

    And that's the purpose of his accusations. He knows they are not real, whatever you told him about yourself when you met him, he is using that against you, he's throwing those accusations at you to confuse you, make you react, make you fight him.. he wants that. If you defend yourself from his stupidity then he can argue in circles, deflect completely from the original subject (calling and seeing eachother)… At the end of arguing he'll give you a silent treatment, you'll feel like you hurt him, he is ignoring you because you did something wrong. Your natural reaction is to talk, explain yourself, make him understand but he's not talking to you now! In order to explain yourself after the arguments, you'll be apologizing to him, you'll feel bad for responding to his nonsense, you'll be a bad guy because you said something when he provoked you and make you mad… He'll be kind, understanding, loving, so sweet to you and say let's forget the fight, let's move forward, it doesn't matter what was the argument all about… You'll feel “loved” after being “hated”, you will feel much better, you will forget the abuse and feel lucky, be happy for being loved by your ABUSER!

    So, don't ever wrestle with a pig! You'll get dirty and the pig will love it! You don't need to defend yourself! You should know who you are! You should know what you want! He can't tell you those things, don't let him question your reality!

    Anyway, you can't win with him, you can't explain anything to him… Only thing you can do is to LEAVE HIM or stay in up and down (trauma bond) abusive relationship!

    Others before you abandoned him, you have to do the same! His ex is probably crazy, you'll also be crazy… It's okay, he's calling smart people that escaped his abuse crazy but in reality he's the crazy one!

    It's so very hot to see what's really going on when you are abused, manipulated and confused. Your brain and your heart are not on the same page so you can believe in love, you truly love him…but you don't feel loved. You feel loved and hated so that translates into being miserable.

    Love and hate don't go together! That's not love, that not healthy… that's crazy!

  4. Ah we were a year and a half ago but then weren’t for the rest of the relationship. But I feel it’s eaten me up inside and caused a bunch of behavioral problems for me that I’m trying to work on to have a healthier relationship with him.

  5. Have you spoken to your boyfriend about any of this? You should just ignore her (mom's reaction makes me wonder if this is a normal thing for sis or if she just doesn't agree with the sis) but her behavior is not acceptable and someone does need to speak to her about it.

    Either a nice calm sit down talk with you, her, and your bf or maybe just her and your bf. Since that's his sister, he should be setting boundaries and approaching her about the things she's saying. There may also be people that say you should directly confront her yourself since it's about you.

    Does anyone know why she has such a problem with you and why she is saying these things if they aren't true? It might help you piece together a solution.

    If you and your bf are moving in together at the 1 year mark you need to start discussing where you two will live, because if he is planning for you both to stay with his sister it's only going to get worse with her until whatever is up over there is worked out.

  6. You’re boyfriend is a 28 year old man calling a 22 year old a poser. What a loser.

    Please tell him the entire internet is laughing at how much of an insecure gatekeeping asshole he is.

  7. Sometimes going on strike has worked to get your point across if all else fails. You cook and clean your own stuff only. Do bare minimum

    That being said you two are is desperate need for marriage counseling. You need to express how unhappy you are and unloved you have been feeling.

    Don’t start considering kids! Just think what your life will be like then.

  8. What advice are you looking for? Whether her reason is valid or not to you, it's determine the validity of her feelings or how she chooses to navigate the relationship with her grandparents.

  9. If you are in multiple abusive relationships, it might be wise to look into therapy. Particularly, if you have a parent who was abusive. Parents who are abusive to the other parent count, too.

  10. My boyfriend is this amazing loving, supportive guy. We’ve been together only a few months now but we just click so well

    You're on honeymoon phase and you say he is supportive but he is already telling you that if you do x he may break up. He is pressuring you anyway.

    it worth getting more tattoos if my boyfriend might break up with me?

    Is it worth it staying with someone who will break up with you because of something you love?

    Do you have any advice?

    Yes, I do. You are 18. This is the beginning of your life. You can find a good boyfriend that actually likes your tattoos.


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